Work Space, Work Place™ In-House Work Retreats

All groups have their own energy

Yet all groups often time have the same archetypical

personalities and dynamic at play.

And just as individuals need balance within,

a group needs balance within itself, too.

Work space, work places are often where

most individuals spend most of their waking hours,

more than in their own family.

Much is asked of the work space, work place group, too.

Work collaboratively

Work constructively

Work efficiently

Work effectively

And do it 8 hours a day, every day, 5 days a week, every week, 48-52 weeks a year, …every year!

WHOA!  That feels like a ton!  Can you feel that?

A literal TON of expectation on the collective shoulders of the work space, work place group!

… and it’s just … expected!

What resources does your Work Space, Work Place™

offer to help the group succeed?

1-hour lunch break?

That doesn’t count (wink)

A human has to eat to survive, but what about THRIVING?

We’ve all heard about work retreats, right? Maybe not your office though, right!

No trips to Remote Resorts in the Mountains, Swanky Spa Days, or Islands in the Caribbean! 

But you need it NO LESS than the corporations and organizations that can afford team building getaways, helping their Work Space, Work Place™ group to THRIVE.

So, what are you to do for

Your staff

Your team

Your Work Space, Work Place™ group?

Wooden Arrow


to help your work space work place group THRIVE


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In-House Work Retreats!

What does that look like?

I come to you

In your Work Space, Work Place™
you set up a space & place for the group:
circle of chairs, meeting room without large table
in middle if possible, pads or paper, pens, water.

I bring the resources to shift your
Work Space, Work Place™
from just surviving, to thriving!

Work Space, Work Place™ In-House Work Retreat Options:

$2,008: 3 – 4 group members

$3,008: 5 – 6 group members

Groups over 7, please call to inquire for a custom quote

Retreats Include:

  • 1:1 planning session by phone or video conferencing with BIZ owner, CEO, Office Manager or Organizer (Valued at $144)
  • My transportation costs within 50 miles of ZIP CODE: 12561 (if outside set radius, please complete the contact form below to inquire for a custom quote)
  • My Own Meals (no additional fees or costs are passed on to you)
  • and the Work Space, Work Place™ in-house retreat

*In-house retreats are about 120min in duration. Each group requires its own restorative balancing, which is not based on a clock but A NEED. The retreat is as long as it needs to be for the purpose and highest good of the group.

**In-house retreats never occur during lunch breaks.  Humans must eat to survive and this is about THRIVING. Therefore, we are never compromising the health of staff by killing two birds with one stone and never schedule in-house retreats on top of lunch breaks. 


Here’s How:


1. BOOK an INQUIRY call to discuss your needs and DISCOVER if Work Space, Work Place™ is a good fit for your group.

Kelly Lopeman HeadshotKelly Lopeman

9-5er yearning for financial and entrepreneurial freedom!

“I have had an amazing time working with Heather in her High Vibration Leadership™!  Heather is insightful, fun-loving, challenging, and a successful entrepreneur.  She has helped to open my eyes in so many ways – from helping me BELIEVE IN MYSELF to PRACTICAL GOAL-SETTING challenges. Heather’s coaching has impacted my life enormously and I’m DOING MORE with my business TODAY than I have in months, dare I say, years! Thank you Heather! “

Kristina Lee Jensen HeadshotKristina Lee Jensen

from Direct Seller to Life Coach

“Heather’s style of coaching is to speak words of truth that lead you to greater understanding of who you are beyond the fear, disorganization and self-sabotage in your life.  She helps you clear a way the clutter blocking your energy from the purpose that is waiting or you by building a bridge with you, from where you to where you are destined to be.  “

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