Top 8 Binge-Worthy Podcasts 

Since I shared with you, last week, my top 4 reasons why you should start listening to podcasts, now, I want to give you my Top 8 Binge-Worthy Podcasts recommendations!  This list will help you get started and get hooked! It will also save you a ton of time, from scrolling aimlessly through the Apple library of infinite podcast options!

I predict, that one day, podcast-listening is going to be like Netflix-binging for you. You’re going to find a podcast show and you are just not going to be able to stop listening, streaming one episode after another! This has happened to me numerous times and girl, do I get a lot of laundry done when this happens! Laundry – check! Purging closets – check! Dusting – check!

To get you start on the right foot, I want to share with you my…

Top 8 Binge-Worthy Podcasts

1) Food Heals Nation Podcast 

I’m going to make a hunch that if you are following me at all you are aligned with creating a healing lifestyle. In your essence, you really strive to create a comprehensive healing lifestyle for yourself. You are a seeker of knowledge, new health trends and revolutionary healing modalities. Therefore, Food Heals Nation Podcast is my first binge-worthy podcast recommendation for you.

They’re awesome for the cutting-edge, outside-of-the-box, real alternative, holistic lifestyle tips, strategies and information you often search for online. A lot of their concepts you may or may not have heard of yet, but I’m certain you’re interested in all of them. For instance, some of the most intriguing topics I enjoy discovering on Food Heals Nation Podcast are episodes on mold, parasites, and DNA Detoxing.

Here is a shortcut to some of my favorite Food Heals Nation podcast episodes: Jing Slingers (three episodes) & Megan Trophy (one episode)


2) Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend 

This recommendation may seem surprising but really it is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves when creating a healing lifestyle, …include laughter!

I probably don’t have to tell you the correlation of laughter and its health benefits. And as the observer of human behavior that you are, you most likely have seen this for yourself and in yourself.  It feels great to be with friends, laughing over a glass of wine. It feels good to watch The Tonight Show or Saturday Night Live! You do feel better after laughing. You observe other people feeling better after laughing, too.

While observation is great, you like facts too, I know. So here are some links for you to check out, but don’t get lost in cyberspace. Come back and finish reading this blog: 1, 2, and 3.

Oh good, you came back… Ok, so back to Conan, too!

I love Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend in the car, alone, laughing out loud! When I’m feeling blue, down or red, irritable, I turn on Conan as my pick-me-up, shake me off, get me laughing, mood shifting solution! My recommendation is to start from the beginning with Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. Caution: If you aren’t a Conan O’Brien fan, don’t fret. I wasn’t until this podcast! LOL


3) Hidden Brain 

Another podcast I’m going to recommend to you, that I don’t think anyone has recommended to you yet, is NPR’s show Hidden Brain. It is a fascinating, informational podcast for those curious about human psychology, human behavior. You right? 😉 As a self-reflective person, I’m sure you’ll find the insight from this podcast to impact how you view the world, others and yourself.



If you’re following me, I assume and hope, you are passionate about equality, civil rights and justice for all. If you are a white or Caucasian person, and are aware of the privilege of being born white into our society and culture, you know it behooves us to understand our privilege in light of the racism others experience, daily, in America.

We know the most important tool in achieving true equality in our Nation is knowledge and action.

To start with knowledge, a history we weren’t told in school, I implore you to listen to UNCIVIL. Within UNCIVIL, you will find the stories not written into our history books. You’ll hear the historical accounts of African-American people kept out of the story line, either to rob them of their honor or to hide our Nation’s injustices, or both.  It becomes crystal clear that we are sold a prettier picture of our white history while keeping our shame in the shadows.  And, how it continues, these racial injustices and systemic inequalities.

Knowledge is power.  Action is change.


Last of my Top 8 Binge-Worthy Podcasts

5) Slow Burn

6) Cover-Up

7) The RFK Tapes

8) Crimetown

These last 4 remaining binge-worthy podcasts come in together because they all have something in common.  They are all about history: stories of scandal, people you thought you loved, people you thought you knew, stories you thought you knew, and yet… All 4 podcasts cover what we didn’t know. What we don’t know. What people of the time period, didn’t know.

We never really know “the truth”, as humans, it’s entirely impossible to know the whole truth about an incident, a story, a scandal. But these four podcasts certainly try. You may find yourself questioning your capacity to judge character, wondering about current politics, both parties, and why does history repeat itself?

Plus, these 4 binge-worthy podcasts are great to listen to simultaneously or sequentially as they over lap historically.   To hear what the nation was going through during these different political scandals, is compelling.


P.S. These Top 8 Binge-worthy podcasts are epically addictive. Caution: you will get hooked! Make yourself a long list of household chores, projects around the house you mean to accomplish. You are going to want hours upon hours of time busying your hands so your ears can be free to binge on these podcasts!  Which types of podcasts are you most interested in hearing more about? And, do you know how to access podcasts on your smartphone so you can listen anywhere, anytime?



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