Tiny Changes for a Happier You

It was about seven or eight years ago when I discovered Gretchen Rubin. She was a speaker at SPARK & HUSTLE , a conference in New York City founded by TORY JOHNSON. She was promoting her first book, The Happiness Project. I was intrigued right at the start. Gretchen attempts to understand happiness, by investigating the psychology of our behaviors, right down to our daily habits.

 No wonder I’m a fan, right?

What I love about Gretchen Rubin is her love for the details. Maybe she was born this way, or maybe it was her training as a lawyer. Like what came first, the chicken or the egg. But either way, Gretchen digs in super cerebrally into topics of habits and behavior change, clutter and relationships.

She really boils our psychology all the way down to tiny behaviors, tiny details, tiny habits. The kind of behaviors that drive you crazy, about yourself or your partner or your own kiddos; You want them to change, You want you to change. 

But change never comes.

With her practical and cerebral delivery, Gretchen makes happiness seem like something attainable by anyone at any moment. Since I saw her at SPARK & HUSTLE, Gretchen’s written a few more books and started a podcast.  I listen to it from time to time, and today I realize I need to listen to it more.

For instance in a recent episode on her podcast called Happier with Gretchen Rubin she and her sister, Elizabeth, discuss the one-minute rule whereby you commit to completing a task, if when you look upon it, you know you could complete it in under a minute. Do you that since the moment I heard this yesterday, I find myself using this rule when I walk about my house? See, it’s easy habits like this, that we can execute immediately and see big results in our daily living.

Another concept they discussed in episode 210: “Very Special Episode! Elizabeth’s Favorite Clutter-Clearing Ideas from Outer Order, Inner Calm,” was Power Hour. This concept is that you can cluster tasks into hour segments. Like, if you have a few phone calls you need to make, cluster them together and set aside an hour to complete them. I love that this has given me permission to stop my internal self-criticism. Instead, I’m planning on using one hour to call back a few loose ends, sometime this week. I now feel empowered that I’m going to use my time more wisely.  Now I see it as organizing and not procrastinating.

Clearly this resonates with me!

I’m all about reflecting on habits as the root of our behavior change, for the creation of our most aligned and abundant lifestyle!  What’s cool about the knowledge and wisdom Gretchen is sharing with us, like so many others, is that our change can start in the tiniest details of our lives. It’s the tiniest details of our lives that breeds the overall habit, and the habit breeds our lifestyle, and our lifestyle breeds either our level of happiness and healing or stress, overwhelm, illness and dissatisfaction.

Are you ready to examine your habits? To contemplate change? Willing to be receive support to help you attain the aligned, abundant life you deserve?

 If yes, click here now and join the waitlist for my upcoming course, that is designed to help you succeed in creating the habits you desire, for the behavior change you seek, for the lifestyle you deserve. 

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