This is my retirement - Reverse Retirement for Stay at Home Moms

My girl, my one and only kiddo – have you heard the new term for “only child” because that makes them sound so lonely when sometimes, they are the most entertained šŸ˜‰ is SINGLETON. There was a really good TIME special edition on siblings and children. But I digress –

So back to my girl…

She just turned 8 years old. And I had a huge epiphany during my yoga class – one last almost brought me to tears, right in that class…

Way too soon, she’s going to be this teenager walking around my house. She won’t be looking to cuddle in bed with me in the morning.
She won’t be asking if I’ll be at all her events.
and worse…

She’ll be in our home less and less and she expands her wings, further and farther – more outstretched as she balances on the edge of this home nest to finally take flight into young adulthood. (whether that means college or some alternative future, expansive and choice into independent lifestyle, because I believe that within the decade, college all change and more than ever, young adults of her generation are going to make very different choices then the blind assumption that college is your only ticket to adult career or success. but i digress again)

Still, in this epiphany in yoga, because epiphanies cover entire emotional, mental and spiritual landscapes in a nano second, I saw me and my husband, without her in this big house we live in and felt myself wonder – what are we going to do with ourselves when she’s no longer living with us.

My heart cracked.
My eyes welled up with tears,
they are now as I write.

Why am I writing this, what’s the point of this blog, besides maybe making you well up with tears too… is this.

As a mother, I’ve learned to take each day more slowly than our conditioning,

savor every moment with my special ONE,

more than ever and emphasized by my yoga class epiphany.

And, watch out now this is a social conditioning earthquake –
It reaffirm that: These years were my “retirement” (I’ve been a stay at home mom + work from home entrepreneur and working in direct sales since she was born)
I’d rather and would do it all over again –
NOT work now & work forever LATER…

And that now as I build what I really want to do… I’ll fill that future space with the work I love…

Never having missed her life with us in our home together, during these fleeting years of her young children.


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