The pressure of change



Listening to this new podcast RAZORS EDGE STUDY GROUP by Michael Savage and right off the bat he is going all in on what I have to share you to all, which is that behavior change only happens with a plan.

We can have lots of ideas of things we wish we did: we wish we drank smoothies, we wish we did yoga, we wish we meditated, or we wish we read more.   But the problem is it’s all air with nothing grounding it.  If we don’t take action on our thoughts, they are like steam and evaporate.  But the next morning we wake up with the same thoughts. Then without action taken, they evaporate again.  But the following morning comes and, …our lives start to feel like Groundhog Day.  


“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.”

This is the quote on the cover graphic of the podcast: RAZORS EDGE STUDY GROUP by Michael Savage.   Not sure where that quote comes from, but it’s so refreshing isn’t it?

It got me thinking about how diamonds come from coal.  A diamond only manifests under the pressure of transformation.  It is that pressure which forces change!   And that change manifests one of the most treasured objects on our planet!  

A treasured object comes from an object that is dirty, an object we burn for fuel.  

A diamond comes from coal.  Isn’t that incredible!?

So change happens in pressure, like the feeling of being in a vice. Rightfully so, people avoid change because who would consciously choose that feeling! And yet, don’t you feel pressure right now even if you’re not actively changing. Isn’t that the real catch 22?


The difference between us and a piece of coal, is Choice!

Right now you feel bookended by desire for change and fear of change. You fear failing again, giving up again, and maybe feel like you’re just not ready to start, …again.  Therefore you choose not to change.  

Yet, the state of wanting and yet not doing is exhausting.  That is some pretty intense pressure to tolerate on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, no?   And there it is, either way there is pressure and discomfort.  But one choice produces a diamond, the other remains a coal.  

The only difference in the space between a piece of coal or a diamond, is the choice to take action towards your ideal behavior, your Dream Habits, your life goals.  An action plan is your only escape route from the pressure of ambiguity, and possible regret.  


Choosing to plan

Here’s where I really started to get fired up about what Michael was saying on the podcast episode ACCOUNTABILITY. He says, “we set these goals and we fail and start all over again.” Now isn’t that an exhausting, Groundhog Day experience! But, he adds, “we keep failing to plan is why we fail at our goals!!!”

Yet, don’t you internalize your failed attempts at resolutions or behavior change as something wrong with you? Yet, it’s not YOU… it’s the lack of planning, and good planning at that!


Now you know.

You’re under pressure either way. So why not take the only escape route available to you? Choose to stop waking up every morning with thoughts to change and allowing them to evaporate. Instead choose that you are going to take action to change! Inspite of the fear!



I have the HOW. It is the gift that God, the Universe, the Angels and my Ancestors graced me with: the ability to help people create healing lifestyles.  Inso doing, you can better serve your families, friends and communities.  

—> Dream Habits!

P.S. Allow me to serve you, so that you can serve others!  

Choose change, and cultivate your diamond essence for all to see!

 —> Dream Habits!

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