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What most women need, above all things, is more time. Am I right?

Yet, the lack of time is often our reason, justification, permission to not take care of ourselves.


Most, if not all, of us are burning the candle at both ends and we are paying the ultimate price.  We are bartering being overworked, overstressed, overcommitted, overscheduled… 

We are bartering our own personal Health & Well-being for EVERYTHING else!

We are consistently, constantly, without fail putting ourselves last, and we have got to be really honest with ourselves and ask:  

How is this serving our families, our children, our careers, our communities?

You know, put your oxygen mask on first, so you are a breathing, conscious human being so you can help others.

You can only lead others where you have been.

So, let’s lead, let’s role model, let’s be the human we want our children to be.  

What to expect from Restorative Reiki Services with Heather


I love Reiki and I love Talking

So, you can expect to experience a lot of both!  

My Reiki Master training and my Master of Social Work training

marry themselves well to create for you

a restorative and nourishing session

within a sacred space and place

to process, to let go,

to balance, cry, laugh,

to be inspired, find clarity, discover something new, to get back to you and

maybe even transform into a higher, healthier, more joyful version of you.

Arrow Pointing Left


Energy. Chi. Prana. Chakras.

That’s what this portion of your session is about.  

It’s about the next level of you, your spiritual wellbeing.

Yet make no mistake, the wellbeing-ness of your energy has everything to do with your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  

During this portion of your session, you will receive hands-on, or hands-hovering-above, your physical body at chakra points along your skeletal system, moving, shifting and realigning your body’s energy, called prana.



After the energy work, we’ll dialogue.  Here’s where we process and compare:

How you felt before the session and now

What feelings, emotions or thoughts bubbled to the surface during the energy work  

And I share with you any insights I picked up on during the energy portion of the session.  

From all of this we will create an action plan for how to move forward,

transforming old, misaligned habits


new habits for improved wellbeing.



Individual Sessions*

When you purchase a session, you purchase a block of time.

The rate is $111/hour. 

But, if you like to SAVE, purchase a BUNDLE of time.  

You may select a package of 4 hours, $400. The 4 hours are good for 6 months so you may schedule them as you prefer.

Please BOOK a free 15min Q&A CALL if you are a new or inquiring client.


*Terms & Conditions apply

For those seeking transformational services, I encourage you to book consecutive sessions within a 4-8 week window.  

To begin, book a Discovery Call to plan and map out the transformation you seek.

Your initial session will be a 2-hour deep dive into soulful revelation, wholistic service. 

After which, a schedule of supportive, ongoing, goal-oriented sessions will be developed for the experience of SELF-ASSUREDNESS, CLARITY OF KNOWING, TOOLS FOR PROGRESS and GIFTS OF INSPIRATION.

Leading you towards the manifesting of true abundancebeyond wealth, but with the inclusion of Health, Joy and Contentment!


Pink Feathered Arrow with Dogwood flower bouquet

How to Get Started

→ Is this right for you? 

Discover your answer, BOOK a 15 minute Q&A call

→ Ready to invest in your highest good? Select your option

 Initial Deep Dive Session (2hour session) or Transformative 4-Hour Bundle

One-Hour Restorative Reiki Session (only available to returning clients)

→ Give the gift of restoration & nourishment to someone you care about

Purchase a Nourishing 30-min Reiki Session Gift Certificate 

Yvette Yeomans HeadshotYvette Yeomans

Long Distance Reiki Client


“Very cool experience. I just had reiki long distance so that I didn’t have to travel. Thanks Heather L Barton Ziegler Interesting thing. My cat, Zara, who has never- in her 5 years of life, sat on my lap, laid on my legs for the whole thing. Energy is amazing.”

Jenny Baltazar HeadshotJenny Baltazar

In-office Reiki Client


“As a Massage Therapist, I have received a lot of bodywork and energy work over the years. I was drawn to receiving Reiki with Heather because of her genuine, kind nature and her passion for natural health. I instantly felt comforted by her presence. The Reiki session was relaxing and healing. It helped me bring awareness to the negative thoughts and physical stress I was experiencing at the time, and then created the space for me to let some of it go. In one session, I felt “lighter.” My body ached less and my mind felt clearer. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to grow as a person through Reiki with Heather. Heather’s intuition lends itself to being a talented Reiki practitioner. She is able to be in the moment and truly be a spiritual guide. Thanks Heather for being part of my journey.”

I’ve cracked the code on effective, successful Facebook Parties and turned it into a simple system for you to learn, apply and repeat!

Let me show you how to INCREASE SALES, BOOKINGS and TEAM GROWTH through the power of systematized Facebook parties!

And do it without leaving Your HOUSE or Your FAMILY!

Imagine if you ran;

43 parties from your couch

11 of the hostesses joined your team (that’s a 25% conversion rate!)

Had your best holiday season sales ever AND

Won your company’s incentive trip?

(this is me, in Southern France at our CEO’s summer home)

I accomplished this by persistently applying my Facebook Party system to every party I ran for 5 straight months!

But, right now do you find yourself throwing FB parties to a party of crickets?

Filling up your calendar with vendor events, paying for fees, exhaustively standing on your feet for 8-10 hours AND NOT making the profits you need ?

Do you try to book home parties but to no avail?

Stressed out juggling work life, family life and your direct sales biz life?

Are you sacrificing too much time away from your family for your direct sales biz, AND disappointed by net profits every month? Are you deflated? Is your enthusiasm waning? Have big time doubt setting in?

I know it ALL far too well… this was me, too, until I committed to rocking my Facebook parties and stopped spinning my wheels on aspects of my business that were clearly NOT PRODUCING INCOME!

You’re in the right place if:

Wooden Arrow You’re in direct sales to make extra income for your family

Wooden Arrow You want this extra income to come with ease

Wooden Arrow You started your direct sales business for fun, not to have another J-O-B!

You don’t want to be sacrificing your weekends with your family at vendor events, all hoping shoppers show up, as you unpack ALL your inventory, set up, stand around your table for HOURS just to pack it ALL up again and head home, most often – DISAPPOINTED!

I created this course FOR YOU because I don’t want to see another person struggle the way I did. I don’t want another person to waste time & energy BUYING INVENTORY, PAYING VENDOR FEES, BUYING POP-UP TENTS, TABLES AND DISPLAY ITEMS, RACKING UP TRAVEL & FOOD EXPENSES, MISSING OUT ON FAMILY-TIME when the biz was supposed to be FOR the family not at the EXPENSE of the family!


  • Supplement your family income FROM YOUR HOME
  • Get more hostesses for your parties because FACEBOOK PARTIES ARE EASY TO HOST
  • Attract prospective team members because FACEBOOK PARTIES ARE EASILY DUPLICATABLE, because anyone can do them from the own couch!

As a direct seller, are you ready to learn how to EFFECTIVELY leverage Facebook Parties to INCREASE sales, bookings and team sponsorship?

When you implement my step-by-step, easy to follow system, you will fine tune your Facebook Parties infusing it with ETIQUETTE, creating a WARM market for selling on Facebook!

Contents of the BZliving™ Facebook Party System Training Course


Setup your Facebook Party & Preliminary Hostess Coaching

The Invite is Everything: How to invite, Invite Scripts, Increase RSVP rate

Pre-party Posting & Hostess Coaching

Agenda for the Live Party

Automation! Run your Facebook Parties with Ease

Plus, there’s more strategies to gleam!!

The Facebook Party Right Under Your Nose: Increase Attendance & Interaction in Your Party-Video Module-PDF

Party Wrap-Up & Follow-Through Strategies-Video Module Facebook Party Success Toolkit-PDF

Stay Out of Facebook Jail-PDF

Hostess Coaching Checklist

Editable Images for use in Your Own Parties

TinyTorch™ Video Tutorial

Scripts, Scripts and more Scripts

When you register for this course, you are invited into a secret, student membership Facebook Group.

You will have 24/7, 365 day access.

That’s an entire year’s membership to watch the video training modules as many times as you need to get this system down, iron out the wrinkles in your party and expand your business.


Click the button below if it applies to you.


Look what these direct sellers have to say after applying my strategies, tips and ideas from this course:



Pam-Forneris-HeadshotPam Forneris

Direct Seller

“I’ve been rocking my FB parties all due to BZliving. January 2017 was MY BEST 2nd MONTH EVER since starting my direct sales biz in April 2015. 2017 IS MY YEAR!  I’m at $1400 ALREADY for February and it’s THE 8 th ! I have 2 parties tomorrow night, 1 Saturday and 1 Monday. I did $3500 in January! I AM ON TRACK TO HIT ANNUAL SALES AWARDS FOR 2016/2017! I’m averaging $350/Facebook Party. Before my average was $50/party. I’m so grateful! I WISH I HAD INVESTED IN THE COURSE SOONER! I can’t say enough about you, the course and your strategies!”

Sharon Moyer HeadshotShannon Moyer

Direct Seller

“This course gave me the “edge” to set up invites and interaction for an online party. My sales were $1100! I was skeptical with my type of business, but she always has great, positive solutions to make her system work for every type of business. This system helps put everything in order so that it makes the party fun and engaging! “

Intuitive (and a lil’ bit psychic) BIZ Coaching

Is a fog of confusion muddying your path?

Can’t see the forest through the trees?

Are you drowning in stagnation, disorganization or overwhelm?
(maybe all three?)

INTUITIVE (and a lil’ bit psychic) BIZ COACHING WITH ME



Wooden ArrowClear away the fog

Wooden ArrowReveal your path

Wooden ArrowSee your BIZ from Bird’s Eye View

Wooden ArrowMaster organization

Wooden ArrowCast away overwhelm


taking INSPIRED ACTION in the direction of your abundance

Start your Abundance Journey™ today!

(and stop being suffocated by LACK)

Here’s what’s cool about BZliving

Pre-purchase your time, and Schedule later!

What? Yes!

You purchase a package of hours (Best Deal)

4 hours @ $111/hr (vs $144/hr) 

and use the time AT THE FREQUENCY YOU NEED!




This is about YOU and your highest good and your pace is unique to you so, based on your need/desire AND my intuitive guidance regarding your pace potential, we schedule your 4 hours as needed broken down into 3 sessions.


Client purchases a 4-hour bundle

st call: 2 hour – 2 hours remain
2nd call: 2 weeks later: 1 hour – 1 hour remains
3rd call: 4 weeks later: 1 hour – package completed

Almost 2 months of support, guidance, accountability, reassurance, and a soft non-judgmental place to land as needed!

**** Please Note****

We will complete a 15-minute DISCOVERY SESSION after your purchase, to create the frequency schedule of your 4-hours of BIZ coaching


Here’s How:

1. PAY for your desired package

($144/ 1-hour single session, $288 / 2-hour session or $444 / 4-hour bundle) 

2. SCHEDULE your 15-min Discovery Call

Coming Soon!

Kelly Lopeman HeadshotKelly Lopeman

9-5er yearning for financial and entrepreneurial freedom!

“I have had an amazing time working with Heather in her High Vibration Leadership™!  Heather is insightful, fun-loving, challenging, and a successful entrepreneur.  She has helped to open my eyes in so many ways – from helping me BELIEVE IN MYSELF to PRACTICAL GOAL-SETTING challenges. Heather’s coaching has impacted my life enormously and I’m DOING MORE with my business TODAY than I have in months, dare I say, years! Thank you Heather! “

Kristina Lee Jensen HeadshotKristina Lee Jensen

from Direct Seller to Life Coach

“Heather’s style of coaching is to speak words of truth that lead you to greater understanding of who you are beyond the fear, disorganization and self-sabotage in your life.  She helps you clear a way the clutter blocking your energy from the purpose that is waiting or you by building a bridge with you, from where you to where you are destined to be.  “

Work Space, Work Place™ In-House Retreat

All groups have their own energy

Yet all groups often time have the same archetypical

personalities and dynamic at play.

And just as individuals need balance within,

a group needs balance within itself, too.

Work space, work places are often where

most individuals spend most of their waking hours,

more than in their own family.

Much is asked of the work space, work place group, too.

Work collaboratively

Work constructively

Work efficiently

Work effectively

And do it 8 hours a day, every day, 5 days a week, every week, 48-52 weeks a year, …every year!

WHOA!  That feels like a ton!  Can you feel that?

A literal TON of expectation on the collective shoulders of the work space, work place group!

… and it’s just … expected!

What resources does your Work Space, Work Place™

offer to help the group succeed?

1-hour lunch break?

That doesn’t count (wink)

A human has to eat to survive, but what about THRIVING?

We’ve all heard about work retreats, right? Maybe not your office though, right!

No trips to Remote Resorts in the Mountains, Swanky Spa Days, or Islands in the Caribbean! 

But you need it NO LESS than the corporations and organizations that can afford team building getaways, helping their Work Space, Work Place™ group to THRIVE.

So, what are you to do for

Your staff

Your team

Your Work Space, Work Place™ group?

Wooden Arrow


to help your work space work place group THRIVE


Wooden Arrow

In-house retreat!

What does that look like?

I come to you

In your Work Space, Work Place™
you set up a space & place for the group:
circle of chairs, meeting room without large table
in middle if possible, pads or paper, pens, water.

I bring the resources to shift your
Work Space, Work Place™
from just surviving, to thriving!

Work Space, Work Place™ In-House Retreat Options:

$2,008: 3 – 4 group members

$3,008: 5 – 6 group members

Groups over 7, please call to inquire for a custom quote

Retreats Include:

  • 1:1 planning session by phone or video conferencing with BIZ owner, CEO, Office Manager or Organizer (Valued at $144)
  • My transportation costs within 50 miles of ZIP CODE: 12561 (if outside set radius, please complete the contact form below to inquire for a custom quote)
  • My Own Meals (no additional fees or costs are passed on to you)
  • and the Work Space, Work Place™ in-house retreat

*In-house retreats are about 120min in duration. Each group requires its own restorative balancing, which is not based on a clock but A NEED. The retreat is as long as it needs to be for the purpose and highest good of the group.

**In-house retreats never occur during lunch breaks.  Humans must eat to survive and this is about THRIVING. Therefore, we are never compromising the health of staff by killing two birds with one stone and never schedule in-house retreats on top of lunch breaks. 


Here’s How:


1. BOOK an INQUIRY call to discuss your needs and DISCOVER if Work Space, Work Place™ is a good fit for your group.

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