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Ground your Energy, Restore your Vitality

What most women need, above all things, is more time. Am I right?

Yet, the lack of time is often our reason, justification, permission to not take care of ourselves.


We are bartering our own personal Health & Well-being for EVERYTHING else!

We are consistently, constantly, without fail putting ourselves last, and we have got to be really honest with ourselves and ask:  

How is this serving our families, our children, our careers, our communities?

You know, put your oxygen mask on first, so you are a breathing, conscious human being so you can help others.

You can only lead others where you have been.

So, let’s lead, let’s role model, let’s be the human we want our children to be.  

What is Reiki


 Reiki is a Japanese technique for helping a person feel more calm, release stress and attain clarity of mind.  I liken Reiki to meditation.  As much as research notes the importance of meditation for a person’s mental and emotional health, often times we do not find ourselves meditating, …ever!  

Coming for a reiki session is like having someone help you meditate.  As the practitioner, I help you find a way to quiet your mind, breath deeply, and let go of worry and overwhelm.

Either in person at my office, or remotely, I use the energy around you to balance the energy within you.  When you think of your energy, you may think of the word “aura” or some people are familiar with the word “chakra”.  


How to Get Started

Feel scattered and chaotic? In overwhelm & stressed out?  See if Reiki with Heather is right for you with a 15-min clarity call.

BOOK a 15 minute Q&A call


You’re ready for a deep dive into getting grounded, getting clarity.  You’re ready for deep, meditative, self-reflection.  You’re ready for actionable steps to take in the direction of living your life more attentively, more #onpurpose.  

Book your Deep Dive Reiki Session with Heather


Just need a reboot? Just a Power Hour of restorative Reiki?

Book your 1-hour session here

Dawn Ryan

9-5er, Direct Sales Entrepreneur

[At start of session] “I feel scattered.”

[At the end of the Reiki session] “I feel pulled down, grounded. … My knees feel better, they always feel better after reiki with you.  I don’t understand how it works, but I enjoy it! … I feel 10 pounds lighter, like something’s gone. … Using the mantra you gave me, helps me with clearing my mind. … I so look forward to these appointments.”


Yvette Yeomans HeadshotYvette Yeomans

Long Distance Reiki Client


“Very cool experience. I just had reiki long distance so that I didn’t have to travel. Thanks Heather L Barton Ziegler Interesting thing. My cat, Zara, who has never- in her 5 years of life, sat on my lap, laid on my legs for the whole thing. Energy is amazing.”

Jenny Baltazar HeadshotJenny Baltazar

In-office Reiki Client


“As a Massage Therapist, I have received a lot of bodywork and energy work over the years. I was drawn to receiving Reiki with Heather because of her genuine, kind nature and her passion for natural health. I instantly felt comforted by her presence. The Reiki session was relaxing and healing. It helped me bring awareness to the negative thoughts and physical stress I was experiencing at the time, and then created the space for me to let some of it go. In one session, I felt “lighter.” My body ached less and my mind felt clearer. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to grow as a person through Reiki with Heather. Heather’s intuition lends itself to being a talented Reiki practitioner. She is able to be in the moment and truly be a spiritual guide. Thanks Heather for being part of my journey.”

Reiki Classes

Currently Closed.  

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