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With a world-wide web of options, it’s hard to know where to start, what to use and who to trust.  Word of mouth referrals are trustworthy.  Don’t go it alone!  I share these resources below to save you time, energy and money.

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Biz & Life Tools*

Zoom Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing

My favorite tool for video 1:1 chats, video group chats and recording videos for courses I create.


IARP is a great place to go when building your Reiki Practice.  From liability insurance to marketing materials, IARP is home to many of the business tools you’ll need to get started, or expand.  View Their Resources Today!


Living in sustained chaos? Have to-do lists everywhere? Sticky notes, stuck to who-knows-where?

Kep track of your to-dos without losing your lists!

Personal Development ~ Resources*

“Nourishing Myself Is a Joyful Experience and I Am Worth the Time Spent On My Healing.” – Louise Hay

Doesn’t that speak volumes!  Hay House was created by Louise Hay, for those unfamiliar with her work.  She wrote the book, “You Can Heal Yourself.”  Hay House offers amazing tools to aid in your self-care, growth and nourishment.  From cookbooks and children’s books, to online classes and summits, to tarot and guidance cards, there’s something for everyone.


Lifestyle & Parenting*

Thrive Market

Organic, Healthy Food Delivery Online

Need a place you can trust to find environmentally friendly, BPA free, GMO free, organic, gluten free… you know the list… type of foods, vitamins and everyday gear from lunchbox storage containers, to water bottles to essential oil diffusers. I use THRIVE MARKET for ease of shopping, consciously, without struggle

Get 15% off your first order with my link

HANDS-On STEAM! Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math.

This is a great gift to give or get.  Your daughter or son will thank you for it!  Perfect with summer coming! Keep them from Summer Slump!  And Get $10 off your first box!

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