Feel Restored with Reiki

You Can Feel Grounded, Rejuvenated and Nourished

Burnout is real – and it’s especially brutal for moms.

Parenting, meal prep, maintaining a household, and work… 

You wear more hats in a day than you can count on 2 hands! 

As a parent, your family always comes first. Even at the expense of your own self-care. (Remember the good ol’ times: going to the bathroom alone, showering without interruptions, and sleeping for 8 consecutive hours? Ah, those were the days…)

When you’re always running on full throttle, you will run out of gas – especially if you’re not refilling your personal ‘gas tank’. 

While you’re trying to hold everyone up, you might feel like you’re falling apart. 

There’s daily fear and anxiety that everything is going to come crashing down if you don’t keep it together.


Here’s Why You’re Feeling Drained

All of this stress wears your body down.

Stress overtires your adrenal glands, depletes important hormones, and weakens your immune system.  Stress is the number one reason for illness.  Stress zaps your body of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Without self-care, you are a car running on fumes with no gas station in sight.

It’s so easy to put yourself last, especially when you’re a parent, but how can you care for your family if you’re running on empty?  How can you care for your family if you end up sick in bed, or worse diagnosed with a stress-related disease.  I know it can happen because it happened to me.


I highly recommend Heather to anyone that wants to try a different type of healing.. She is the best! I was actually able to skip a breathing treatment for the first time in two months, after my session yesterday!! Thanks again for everything, Heather!!!! Sharon Moyer


Stress also takes a toll on us spiritually and emotionally… 

Stress can cause us to become misaligned and unbalanced. That imbalance manifests as tangible symptoms: 

Physically you might feel like you’re staggering through the day.

Body aches are a sure sign of misalignment! Head aches, Migraines, Joint pain!

Emotionally you may feel like anxiety is just a part of everyday life.

Your common feelings may be irritability, exhaustion and frustration.

Mentally you may feel like you’re living in sustained chaos. 

Groundhog Day. Everyday.  Just grinding it out with minimal sense of joy, calm and sense of satisfaction in your life.

Spiritually you may feel like you’re lost, unsure, and confused about your life choices. 

Can You Ever Feel Restored


You can with a Restorative Reiki session with Heather.  Balance your energy system.  Refuel your personal gas tank! 

Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction technique that promotes relaxation and healing. It can be performed in person or remotely. 

When you’re under so much pressure and constantly burning the candle at both ends, you need to be restored.

Restorative Reiki sessions often leave people feeling better! 

Grounded. Comforted. Relaxed. 

Doesn’t your family deserve your best self? 

Choosing to nourish yourself will allow you to have the inner strength to help others. (Just like the airplane emergency card says: You need to put your oxygen mask on first, otherwise you pass out and can’t help anyone else!)

It might feel strange to put yourself first… But it’s not selfish. It’s necessary.

Reframe: When you are taking the best care of yourself, only then are you capable of taking the best care of your family. 

Stop putting yourself last. 

Learn more about how my Restorative Reiki approach can help you create breathing room in your life right now:

I had an amazing Reiki session with the compassionate Heather L Barton Ziegler. I’m paraphrasing some delicious and wise words from her: “Taking care of yourself increases your capacity to give and receive the love of others.” Big sigh. She is wonderful. Busy Mom of 2


“I had a great Reiki session with Heather. It felt great. It help me to feel grounded and connected and relaxed. Some personal issues that I have been dealing with, came up without my prompting in my session. Solutions as well as further inquiry and things to be aware of helped me with dealing with them. Thanks Heather!”Michele Tomasicchio

Cliff Feldman

In-office Reiki Client

“I am a very active man who trains very hard in various capacities. I decided to try Reiki for a different type of self care, of which has been excellent both on the physical and spiritual levels.

The sessions have been relaxing, introspective and profound. I highly recommend Heather as a practitioner.”

Yvette Yeomans HeadshotYvette Yeomans

Long Distance Reiki Client


“Very cool experience. I just had reiki long distance so that I didn’t have to travel. Thanks Heather L Barton Ziegler Interesting thing. My cat, Zara, who has never- in her 5 years of life, sat on my lap, laid on my legs for the whole thing. Energy is amazing.”

Jenny Baltazar HeadshotJenny Baltazar

In-office Reiki Client


“As a Massage Therapist, I have received a lot of bodywork and energy work over the years. I was drawn to receiving Reiki with Heather because of her genuine, kind nature and her passion for natural health. I instantly felt comforted by her presence. The Reiki session was relaxing and healing. It helped me bring awareness to the negative thoughts and physical stress I was experiencing at the time, and then created the space for me to let some of it go. In one session, I felt “lighter.” My body ached less and my mind felt clearer. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to grow as a person through Reiki with Heather. Heather’s intuition lends itself to being a talented Reiki practitioner. She is able to be in the moment and truly be a spiritual guide. Thanks Heather for being part of my journey.”

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