Top 4 Reasons to Listen to Podcasts, Now!

You love to learn.

You Google search new ideas and concepts as they cross your path.

Maybe, of recent, you’ve researched topics like alkaline water or tapping or the benefits of plants in your home, specifically which plants benefit the air-quality of your home.

When you are on Facebook, which is seldom for you, you gravitate towards the inspirational and informational posts. And as you check your email inbox throughout the day, the emails that get opened are the informational, educational ones.

Which is no wonder, that for someone who loves to learn that this also happens during your day…

You are really bored commuting to and from work. Once home, you unplug by plugging into your phone. (You may even feel a little shame that you chose to play games on your smart device.) To add to that unplugging, you are definitely NOT going to do boring housechores. Laundry. Scrubbing the shower. Purging your closets. That always waits until tomorrow, am I right?

But you don’t really feel great about all of this. You do wish there were some changes in these habits, because you know they aren’t really serving your highest good, which for you, is the ultimate goal: Attainment of your highest and best self.

Well, my love-to-learn, curious, always-seeking-to-evolve friend, I have a solution for you!


Listen to Podcasts, my friend!

I bet a few friends recommended you listen to a podcast or two to you, but you haven’t really started. Let me share…

Top 4 Reasons to Listen to Podcasts, Now!

1) Because You love to learn!

Podcasts are like encyclopedias online. Informational and inspirational radio shows right at your fingertips. Any and all topics! Delivered by all personality types! In all manner of teachings!

2) Because podcasts are your access to entertainment, to occupy your listening mind while you tackle your boring household chores!

Listen to podcasts while you put away your laundry!  Listen to podcasts while you scrub your shower! Listen to podcasts while you purge that closet!

3) Spice up your five days a week, two times a day, commute!

You don’t have to listen to public radio, when the topic doesn’t resonate with you. You don’t have to listen to pop music radio stations. You don’t have to listen to your same music playlist. You can, instead, hyper customize your listening experience: 60 minutes of consciously-chosen audio-learning!

4) You play less games, waste less of your free time, harness more of your wonderful mind to the elevation of you.

Once you find that podcast, or two, that borders on Netflix-binging, you just need to listen to the next episode, you find you are not picking up your phone to play games.

Once you find that podcast that satiates your love of learning, you use your free time mindfully versus losing hours in your smart device.

Once you find your niche in the podcast sphere, your mind revels in the self-care concepts you’ll discover and want to apply towards your ultimate life goal: Developing a Comprehensive Healing Lifestyle.

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