Easy way to incorporate affirmations into your money management

It’s August 3rd and I’m in the middle of the busiest time of my year for my nuclear family, in the middle of the busiest change in my business and busiest family matters, more than ever before.

But, you’ll learn more about me over time in this blog. First and foremost, I’m here to deliver to you valuable ACTION steps to take in your business, entrepreneurial or direct sales, whether you’re just starting, just dreaming or in the throws of building or trying to build a substantial income stream so you experience true abundance in your life.

PS: Abundance, you’ll find here, means more than money!

And truly, that’s what abundance really means but with overuse in the wrong way, its semantics shifted. Abundance isn’t financial wealth, though that’s included, abundance IS health, joy, contentment, AND wealth. It’s not abundance if you are making money while burning the candle at both ends, the only time you rest is when you’re sick …because you have no time for rest, sleep or vacation, never seeing your family and wondering what happened to the dream of FREEDOM in the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Today’s action step is something fun, easy and simple to implement. It’s something I found myself doing last month and am continuing as we enter into August.

Entrepreneurs, when you work for yourself, work from home, you wear every hat there is in any business: accountant, marketing, sales, administrative assistant, IT, PLUS the creative genius and the ONE delivering the product or service!

But look at this one, fun, easy way to align your daily affirmations with bookkeeping! And when it comes to ENERGY in your business, this flow of affirming the positive right into your ledger, is AWESOME!

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Where do I get my affirmations from?

Daily affirmation cards, most from Hay House*. I select a few cards each morning I sit at my desk to start my work day. Sometimes that’s at 10am other times that may be 1pm. But always, I start one way: light a candle, select a few daily affirmation cards and write an affirmation into my ledger. Then I begin my work. Mindset, set! Intentions aligned! Abundance, here I come!

Affirmations seen in the above image are from the:
Eneryg Oracle Card Deck by Sandra Taylor







Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor*







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