Achieve Any Personal Goal You Want!

How To Easily Create Lasting Behavioral Change In Your Life

Let me explain…

I bet you have a lot of new behaviors you wished were part of your life (like healthier eating habits, date nights, exercising, meditation)… But you can never seem to get them started.

I did, too!

But I finally found a solution…

After years of professional experience in psychology as a social worker, I developed a simple system that lets you easily create lasting behavioral change!

Sometimes there are habits within us that we really want to do, but something always gets in the way of starting them…


Here’s how you actually become your best self: 


Easier, Kinder Expectations.

The reason why bad habits persist is because you have unrealistic expectations of implementing good ones!

You might feel like you have to be perfect every time. 

For example: if you don’t go the gym all 3 times like you planned, you may as well just give up the whole thing… Right?

Negative scripts like this are limiting you.

Dream Habits™ is designed to help

you overcome limiting scripts

If we can ease up on our perfectionist expectations, we will allow ourselves to persist with good habits – and modify bad habits.

One of the most important tools you’ll learn in the Dream Habits™ course is a visual system that helps your brain manage and execute multiple priorities.

It looks like this: 

Dream Habits course

Are you looking for an actionable, easy-to-implement system for behavior change?

Look no further than Dream Habits™.





This guided video workshop is the Cliffnotes to personal development.

You’ll be guided step by step through brainstorming, organizing, and building the habits of your dreams!

You’ll finally understand why you can’t seem to get to that yoga class (or drink more green smoothies, or actually get organized) – and you’ll finally understand how to overcome it.

Unlock the secret to lasting behavioral change with Dream Habits™ now:



#lifehack – Each month at the time of the New Moon is a great time to restart, refresh, and recreate ‘new’ habits!  


Anna Marie Altman

Mom, Wife, Coach

New Year’s Resolutions: Today I had the opportunity to workshop with Heather L Barton Ziegler on my Dream Habits for 2018. It was an action-oriented session, and I’m so excited that I’ve set up a realistic framework for meeting my goals in the new year. Heather, thanks so much for your guidance.

If anyone is looking for support in setting goals and taking action on those goals in the New Year, please touch base with Heather, sometimes an outside perspective is just the ticket!

Paige Sellers

Reiki Student


I love the checkmark process. For every habit you complete that day, week and month you get a check. It keeps it more positive by focusing on what I have done instead of what I haven’t done. Having a visual as well is also a healthy reminder of what I would like to do. This workshop has helped me form obtainable, healthy habits by focusing on habits that can be easily integrated into my everyday activities while helping me to stay positive!

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