It doesn’t matter your age. 14 – 44… we all hate cramps.

We take a lot of things to cope and some just grin and bare it…I‘m nearly 40 and I THINK I JUST figured something out ~

Vitamin D3 K2 + Vitamin B12 (methylcobalated)

Over the last 6+ months I’ve been committed to supplementing my health with these 2 vitamins, daily. But I’m human and some months I’m better at the regimen than others. AND, this is where the magic reveals itself.

I THINK it’s the months that I do well, taking the two vitamins above, on a daily basis that my cramps ARE NIL! I mean it! NOTHING!

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Here are the vitamins I’m currently taking:*

Here are some helpful articles about the benefits of Vitamin D, D3 paired with K2 and Vitamin B12 and why you should take a methylcobalated version:


Vitamin b12 & cramps

Vitamin D & menstrual cramps:

Vitamin D3 with K2:

Vitamin K2:

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