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Heather L Barton Ziegler Business & Life Coach for the Soulful Entrepreneur

I’m Heather, “Healing Heather” as my daughter once donned me.
Intuitive Business Coach
Empathic Reiki Master & Teacher
Master’s Degree in Social Work
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

With my woven-history of self-help careers,
I’m here to help you
Feel Restored, Supported
Get Clarity on your Purpose
Live More Fully in True Abundance, which is beyond wealth, but is the inclusion of Health, Emotional Well-Being and days of Contentment & Joy.
For what is the purpose of Abundance if you are not ENJOYing it -> EN Joy -> In Joy


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Want to learnReiki?

 Learn about  *the history and art of Reiki *chakras  *How color impact mood? 

*the core chakra crystals & How to use them

And most importantly, How can Reiki help you! 


Learning Reiki is beautifully transformative. I'm happy to guide you on this journey.

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