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Cramps Suck!

Cramps Suck!

It doesn't matter your age. 14 - 44... we all hate cramps. We take a lot of things to cope and some just grin and bare it...I'm nearly 40 and I THINK I JUST figured something out ~ Vitamin D3 K2 + Vitamin B12 (methylcobalated) Over the last 6+ months I've...

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This is my Retirement!

This is my Retirement!

My girl, my one and only kiddo - have you heard the new term for "only child" because that makes them sound so lonely when sometimes, they are the most entertained šŸ˜‰ is SINGLETON. There was a really good TIME special edition on siblings and children. But I digress -...

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Heather L Barton Ziegler Business & Life Coach for the Soulful Entrepreneur

Iā€™m Heather, ā€œHealing Heatherā€ as my daughter once donned me.
Intuitive Business Coach
Empathic Reiki Master & Teacher
Masterā€™s Degree in Social Work
Bachelorā€™s Degree in Psychology

With my woven-history of self-help careers,
Iā€™m here to help you
Feel Restored, Supported
Get Clarity on your Purpose
Live More Fully in True Abundance, which is beyond wealth, but is the inclusion of Health, Emotional Well-Being and days of Contentment & Joy.
For what is the purpose of Abundance if you are not ENJOYing it -> EN Joy -> In Joy


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