Motherhood – We Aren’t Supposed To Be Doing It Alone

Motherhood – We Aren’t Supposed To Be Doing It Alone

Motherhood – We Aren’t Supposed To Be Doing It Alone We’re not meant to do it alone I’ve been working on this concept, idea, raw epiphany.  That we aren’t meant to do it alone. Now my perspective, as a mother, woman, will be from this perspective, so to...
Cramps Suck!

Cramps Suck!

It doesn’t matter your age. 14 – 44… we all hate cramps. We take a lot of things to cope and some just grin and bare it…I’m nearly 40 and I THINK I JUST figured something out ~ Vitamin D3 K2 + Vitamin B12 (methylcobalated) Over the last...
This is my Retirement!

This is my Retirement!

My girl, my one and only kiddo – have you heard the new term for “only child” because that makes them sound so lonely when sometimes, they are the most entertained 😉 is SINGLETON. There was a really good TIME special edition on siblings and children....

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