Tired of feeling tired?
Looking for clarity?
Feel like there’s got to be more to life than the struggle you feel every day?
Come into alignment
with Abundance
Come, get BZliving
your life #onpurpose

Give your all to your life and there’s little to
ZERO leftover for you

you, Wear more hats in a day than you can count on two hands

you, SACRIFICE sleep, eating well and exercise … sometimes even skip showering to  take care of others

And the only way you actually carve out time for yourself is in the face of illness or injury

only then does your head find a pillow in the daytime

only then do you break from work, chores, commitments

only then does your family figure out how to fix dinner for themselves...

what if you did…

Plan for rest ...not in response to crisis
Rest without illness
experience NOURISHMENT and SLEEP
…proactively not reactively

Attain Blue Red Watercolor Arrow True Abundance

...eliminate persistent imbalance

What if you


yourself → your self → your Soul

Hi, I’m Heather…. and I’m you

I know far too well, all about burning the candle at both ends,

wearing so many hats, my hat rack is a cluttered mess

I know far too well, the daily experience of putting SELF, LAST!

And I, too, only find rest once the universe knocks me down and I’m sick in bed…


But I’ve been learning something about balance that I want to share with you…

And what I have come to learn is this…


Achieve Abundance

which is far beyond wealth

and requires the inclusion of health and joy

Our lives must include self care

Our budgets must have a line item for self care

Our BIZ teams must include a person who is

commissioned as our self care professional

And I am that professional for you!


Choose to Nourish

Your Self…Your Soul


with a BZliving service of your choosing

I look forward to restoring & nourishing you,

as your  self care professional


I #getBZliving by

supporting and empowering

you to experience


so you can grow your business Expansively

while living in true Abundance:


Kelly Lopeman HeadshotKelly Lopeman

9-5er yearning for financial and entrepreneurial freedom!

“I have had an amazing time working with Heather in her High Vibration Leadership™!  Heather is insightful, fun-loving, challenging, and a successful entrepreneur.  She has helped to open my eyes in so many ways – from helping me BELIEVE IN MYSELF to PRACTICAL GOAL-SETTING challenges. Heather’s coaching has impacted my life enormously and I’m DOING MORE with my business TODAY than I have in months, dare I say, years! Thank you Heather! “

Kristina Lee Jensen HeadshotKristina Lee Jensen

from Direct Seller to Life Coach

“Heather’s style of coaching is to speak words of truth that lead you to greater understanding of who you are beyond the fear, disorganization and self-sabotage in your life.  She helps you clear a way the clutter blocking your energy from the purpose that is waiting or you by building a bridge with you, from where you to where you are destined to be.  “

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